gold rate in chennai

Live Gold rate in Chennai, India

Live Gold rate Chennai, India Today 30 May 2016

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Gold Rate in Chennai – Today Morning and Evening

Morning Evening
Check at 11 AM Rs.2,711.00

Live Gold Rate in Chennai Today 30 May 2016

Grams 24 Carat (INR) 24 Carat (USD) 22 Carat (INR) 22 Carat (USD)
1 gram Rs.2899.47 $43.17 Rs.2711 $40.37
4 grams Rs.11597.86 $172.69 Rs.10844 $161.47
8 grams Rs.23195.72 $345.38 Rs.21688 $322.93

Gold Rate in Chennai Yesterday 29 May 2016

1 gram Rs.2915.51 $43.49 Rs.2726 $40.67
4 grams Rs.11662.03 $173.98 Rs.10904 $162.67
8 grams Rs.23324.06 $347.96 Rs.21808 $325.34

Gold Rate in Chennai last one week

Date 24K or 24 Carat 22K or 22 Carat
28 May 2016 Rs.2915.51 Rs.2726
27 May 2016 Rs.2925.13 Rs.2735
26 May 2016 Rs.2951.87 Rs.2760
25 May 2016 Rs.2946.52 Rs.2755
24 May 2016 Rs.3006.42 Rs.2811

Gold and Chennai

what is gold rate today? want to know the latest gold rate, check this page as current gold rate normally changes in morning and evening. The present gold rate are listed in detail with 24 carat and 22 carat for 1 gram, 4 grams and 8 grams.if any one of your friend is asking – what is todays gold rate? or what is gold rate today ask them to visit to stay with updates

Gold becomes essential part of people’s life at this part of country – india.Gold prices are increasing all the time, that made various jewel shops to introduce various schemes with gold.Whenever you are about to buy gold or investing schemes do check out complete detail and all terms and conditions as there may be hidden cost in it.The gold rate although vary from one jewel shop to another.Check about history of quality offered by jewel shops and go for the best shop to buy gold
People always prefer to wear ornaments and jewels made of gold for all traditional festivals.Gold Jewels has become the status symbol for the people to show their wealthness.Gold rate in chennai is shown in the page for today and gold rate in chennai yesterday also displayed here along with past week gold rate history

Gold Jewellery shopping

People thronging from various parts of the state to chennai for buying gold jewellery.
If you want to buy gold from chennai check out at T.Nagar, Mylapore, Purasaiwalkam.
Gold rate is continously increasing from past few years for various reasons
Bangles, rings, necklace, earrings, pendants, bridal collection, chains are various ornaments that are made of gold.
There are various gold schemes introduced by various jewellery shops from chennai and few banks as well and gold price has steep increase for the past few years and it tends to rise with people’s love towards gold is increasing.

Gold Price information

Check out this page for the latest / live gold rate / price ,Chennai and silver rate / price, Chennai , rates in gold rate per gram and 1 sovereign are listed above.Pure gold is 24 carat and 22 carat gold is not pure as 24 ct and hence 1 gram gold rate in chennai for 24 ct is higher than the 22 ct.Gold rate varies from shop to shop in chennai due to various factors, difference of price between 22ct and 24ct is around 200 rupees or more
Check out this page for the latest / live gold rate / price in Chennai and silver rate / price in Chennai , India.The prices are displayed as gold rate per gram and 1 sovereign

Check out this page for the latest / live gold rate / price in Chennai and silver rate / price in Chennai, India.
The prices are displayed as gold rate per gram and 1 sovereign

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