Gold rate in Vijayawada

Live Gold rate in Vijayawada, India

Live Gold rate Vijayawada, India Today 30 May 2016

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Live Gold Rate in Vijayawada Today 30 May 2016

Grams 24 Carat (INR) 24 Carat (USD) 22 Carat (INR) 22 Carat (USD)
1 gram Rs.2900.53 $43.08 Rs.2712 $40.28
4 grams Rs.11602.14 $172.32 Rs.10848 $161.12
8 grams Rs.23204.28 $344.65 Rs.21696 $322.25

Gold Rate in Vijayawada Yesterday 29 May 2016

1 gram Rs.2915.51 $43.49 Rs.2726 $40.67
4 grams Rs.11662.03 $173.98 Rs.10904 $162.67
8 grams Rs.23324.06 $347.96 Rs.21808 $325.34

Gold Rate in Vijayawada last one week

Date 24K or 24 Carat 22K or 22 Carat
28 May 2016 Rs.2915.51 Rs.2726
27 May 2016 Rs.2925.13 Rs.2735
26 May 2016 Rs.2951.87 Rs.2760
25 May 2016 Rs.2946.52 Rs.2755
24 May 2016 Rs.3006.42 Rs.2811

Vijayawada and gold

Vijayawada, third largest city in Andhra Pradesh and commercial capital of the state Andhra Pradesh.Vijayawada is the home to many recogonized institutions in the state.
Vijayawada also called as land of victory&;. Being Commercial city, gold metal is going brisk business in the city although vijayawada is an automobile manfacturing hub.The Passion to buy gold is increasing day by day as people are looking gold as an investement.There are good number of jewel shops available in vijayawada to buy gold collections and the sale of gold in vijayawada goes up during festival times.Check this page for gold rate in vijayawada per gram listed along with history gold rate in vijayawada for the past week and yesterday.
It has got great jewellery shops which has large number of collections in gold ornaments.Since many jewel manufacturing companies are located here, gold price in the city will be cheaper when compared wih the other cities in Andhra Pradesh.

Check out this page for the latest / live gold rate / price in Vijayawada and silver rate / price in Vijayawada, India.
The prices are displayed as gold rate per gram and 1 sovereign

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