Gold price Armenia

gold price Armenia Today Live gold price Armenia , Today – 17 July 2018Check silver price by clicking this link price in armenia Have you subscribed to in facebook, if not do it right now by clicking on the Like button.using the link to stay with updatesLive gold price Armenia , Today 17 July 2018Ounce Carat Armenian dram (AMD)Dollars ($)1 Ounce Gold596527.81241.41 Gram Gold 24 Carat19180.9639.921 Gram Gold 22 Carat17597.2136.621 Gram Gold 21 Carat16920.3935.211 Gram Gold 18 Carat14586.5530.361 Gram Gold 14 Carat11395.7423.721 Gram Gold 10 Carat8139.8116.94Live gold price Armenia Yesterday 16 July 20181 Ounce Gold596995.721243.491 Gram Gold 24 Carat1919639.981 Gram Gold 22 Carat17611.0136.681 Gram Gold 21 Carat16933.6735.271 Gram Gold 18 Carat14597.9930.411 Gram Gold 14 Carat11404.6823.751 Gram Gold 10 Carat8146.216.97gold price Armenia - Armenian dram (AMD) for last…
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