Gold price in Colombia

South America
Gold price in Colombia Today Live Gold price in Colombia, Today – 21 October 2018Check silver price by clicking this link price in colombia Have you subscribed to in facebook, if not do it right now by clicking on the Like button.using the link to stay with updatesLive Gold price in Colombia, Today 21 October 2018Ounce CaratColombian Peso (COP)Dollars ($)1 Ounce Gold3779449.311227.941 Gram Gold 24 Carat121525.739.481 Gram Gold 22 Carat111491.4736.221 Gram Gold 21 Carat107203.3434.831 Gram Gold 18 Carat92416.6730.031 Gram Gold 14 Carat72200.5223.461 Gram Gold 10 Carat51571.816.76Live Gold price in Colombia Yesterday 20 October 20181 Ounce Gold3769789.061226.481 Gram Gold 24 Carat121215.0839.441 Gram Gold 22 Carat111206.536.181 Gram Gold 21 Carat106929.3234.791 Gram Gold 18 Carat92180.4529.991 Gram Gold 14 Carat72015.9823.431 Gram Gold 10 Carat51439.9816.74Gold price in Colombia - Colombian Peso (COP)…
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