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Live White Gold price in India

Live White Gold price in India Today 10 December 2018

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Live White Gold price in India Today 10 December 2018

Grams White Gold in INR White Gold in USD
White Gold (Gold and Palladium)
1 gram Rs.3170.61 $44.31
4 grams Rs.12682.43 $177.24
8 grams Rs.25364.87 $354.49
White Gold (Gold and Silver)
1 gram Rs.2925.18 $40.88
4 grams Rs.11700.72 $163.52
8 grams Rs.23401.45 $327.05

What is White gold?, read it before buying white gold

What is the real story

White gold, as every one knows pure gold is yellow in color and white gold is nothing but alloy combination of gold with one of following metals nickel,silver and palladium.

White gold is seen as alternative to the platinum, this is because cost of white gold is comparatively lower than that of platinum. White gold looks similar like platinum.

The white gold sales is increasing all the time.The ornaments made of white gold looks attractive and gorgeous.Most of the people buy white gold wedding rings and necklaces.

White gold vs Yellow gold and the indian shopping

(You might be wondering)

White gold is more popular in US and European countries ,where the consumers prefer ornaments of platinum and white gold.

In India , the demand for platinum and white gold is increasing steadily.The availability of white gold or platinum jewels is very small in shops,while comparing to the yellow gold. The yellow gold is used in all auspicious and festival days as part of their culture in India.

Each of these two has their own advantages and disadvantages.Jewels are being sold in local shops and online websites with wide range of options available in various ornaments for yellow gold.The online purchase of gold is increasing in india, intially people tend to go near buy local shops.

The availability and new designs are the main reason for online shopping, The big jewellery shops are mostly having online purchasing option as they can showcase all their jewels to the entire world at an click of a button.

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white Gold price per gram is listed for both todays and yesterday rates in INR and US Dollars and check here updated white gold price in india per gram.

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